All About Me

Active Citizen. I always write to the authorities especially the Land Transport Authority on the public transport issues and cycling paths. In my secondary school days, I first wrote to HDB to lodge a complaint that the unfinished garden in HDB blocks where my family and I moved in 1996. HDB sent the letter addressed to my parents, stating that their son (this is me) had written to the HDB and the HDB had sent in contractor to speed up completing the garden.

Firm Advocate. It is never hard for me to speak up and make things happen for the Deaf Community. The best achievement I had in my life was to ask the film distributors to caption the movies. First captioned English speaking movie was Star Trek Into Darkness in May 2013. It was like a dream, watching the movie in English subtitles. The major advocacy work is on Deaf Accessibility – Captioning, Visual Information, Communication Support.

Voice of Deaf Community. I am not afraid to stand on my feet and express my opinions to the authorities and the government. I have been working with stakeholders to make things happen.

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