Experience is the best teacher

AYE. I agree. Looking back. No doubt I have gone through ups and downs of my life. Study, play and work. The best moment was the release of my PSLE results. I was the last student to arrive to collect the PSLE result. I spent eight years in my primary school. PSLE was the gateway to real world. When I opened my report book, the result slip was attached to it.

English: Grade A.
Mathematics: Grade A.
Science: Grade A.

The feeling could not be described easily. I was surprised. If you asked me how I did it, I simply got drilled in my school works and enjoy doing the assessment books. I ran out of my classroom and my dad was waiting in his company van. He was so anxious. I screamed, “I pass! All A!”

My heart was almost out of my throat as I was suspended from the Battlestar Galactica blue roller coaster on inverted track that threatened to throw me. 360 twist. Sudden turns close to building. Blasting through mist above the ground. My heart beat wildly at every turn and every twist.

I was pinned to the seat as the plane rolled down the runway at speed of above 300km/h. When the plane rotated, I turned my head to the window and watched the ground slipping away. The airport buildings become smaller and smaller. I could not take my eyes off when the plane took off in the night. The lights at the airport. Flashing lights of the incoming planes and outgoing planes. What a sight.

The human resources officer tapped on my shoulder and gestured me to see him at 5pm. His expression told me that he had bad news for me. My mind was blank as I was fixing the computer. I told my supervisor. He went out to meet the HR officer. Exactly at 5pm, I entered the conference room.

My supervisor and HR officer were sitting. The envelope was on the table. The HR officer handed it over to me. I read. My world crashed. The letter stated that I was to be released from the employment in one month time. This was actually nice writing. I was sad because I just graduated from polytechnic and worked in IT company for just 2 years. I never expected that the global recession would hit my company and many colleagues were told to pack up and leave. This was in August 2002.

With heavy heart, I tided up the computers and fixed the ones that could be ready to function. I labelled all computers nicely. I looked around. Switched off the lights and closed the room. Looking around. It was lunch time. I bid farewell to my ex colleagues – one by one.

I made my way to meet my parents and my brother in Raffles City. We were on way to indoor stadium where my brother made his speech in his polytechnic graduation. The sun was setting. Waters in Kallang made beautiful sparkling as sun rays swept the waves in the waters.

Since then, loss of my first full time job did shape me up and I began to pick myself up. it was hard at first. My dad told me to relax and learn throughout the career. I had worked in various industries – IT, F&B, engineering and accounting.

Wealth of experiences in my life. But I am still learning… 🙂

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