Life is a journey, not a destination.

On morning of 26th April, my boss handed over the letter to me. Anxiously I picked up and read. The sentences in the letter made my eyes widen. Salary increment. I was grinning. I can relieve now. I can look forward to have a home of my own in near future. I am glad that I manage to squeeze my time to enjoy dragonboat and study professional accounting. Many goals to set. But I always make it point to enjoy my life.

5 minutes past 12 noon yesterday, one of my deaf friends dropped the bomb. She said that her mom had passed away peacefully. Life is indeed short. It is often hard to let things go and move on. At this moment she is busy preparing the last journey of her mom.

Meanwhile at Buona Vista Swimming Pool, my swim buddy looked at me when I told him that my senior whom I chatted at the swimming pool, was my primary school senior. He was surprised. Unknown to him, many deaf people have childhood friends all the way from kindergarten or primary school to secondary school and even polytechnics. In a distance in the restaurant, I was eating with my swim buddy. There was a group of young teen boys who were singing “Happy Birthday” to a spectacled boy who was looking at the cake with a single candle. I counted the number of boys in this group – Nine. Nice number.

I bid farewell to my friend as the Circle Line MRT train pulled into Holland Village station. Six minutes later, my train arrived. I was looking around the carriage. Many commuters were busy looking at their smartphones. Some were talking. Some were seen reading books. No matter how busy we are, we should always find ways to enjoy what we like to do.

Buona Vista. I got out of the Circle Line train and made my way to another train at the elevated platform. East-west Line train pulled in as I stepped out of escalator. Squeezing in the packed train car. I looked at the dynamic route map with lights. One light flashing – representing the next destination.

Indeed my life is not a destination. We should appreciate the journey of life while focusing on the goals. Agree?

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